Discover Yourself

Do you ever feel that there is something you need outside of your regular routine, outside the comfort level of your familiar life? Do you want to make a real …

The Closet

The Closet, is a service project of The Woman’s Discovery Center. Women who cannot afford appropriate clothing to begin work or interview for a job in a professional

Wanna Dance?

Each year, the WDC hosts a fundraiser called “Wanna Dance?” The annual event is the primary source of funding for the organization.


Woman’s Discovery Center hosts several community events, seminars, educational series & more…Click here to visit latest events and event information!

Happening Now

Single Mom’s Project

In the planning stages is a project that will be a second major priority of The Center. Women become single moms for a wide variety of reasons and at many different seasons of life. This project addresses relationship and…


Projects & Activities

Day and Weekend Retreats · “THE CLOSET” for Women Entering the Workforce · Discussion and Focus Groups · Service Opportunities “Headquarters” · Intergenerational Activities.