Do you ever feel that there is something you need outside of your regular routine, outside the comfort level of your familiar life? Do you want to make a real difference in your community? Learn something new, but you don’t know what?
Are you really good at something that you would feel good about sharing with or teaching other women, but don’t have the venue or know how to get the word out about it?

Are you, like many women, struggling to bring balance to your life? Would you like to get together with others to work on ways to successfully juggle all the parts of your busy life?

Do you need “girl time” to just unwind in productive, fun ways?


The Woman’s Discovery Center is a place to meet new people you might never get the opportunity to cross paths with in your everyday home and work life. It’s a place to find your purpose, your passion, and your path (all lofty words, but in stretching yourself to try new things, you come closer to those ideals). At the WDC you can participate in activities that will stretch you, that will provide you with an outlet for relaxation, and will give you an opportunity to suggest and implement ideas of your own.

The Woman’s Discovery Center is a place where women CONNECT through service, enrichment, and support – so come and discover yourself at the WDC!