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The Center is a great venue to showcase or share a woman’s talent or expertise.  If you have artistic ability, you may want to exhibit your works on our gallery walls and have a public reception.  If you are adept at a particular craft or are knowledgeable about particular topics that are of interest to others, you may want to conduct seminars or workshops to share what you know with others.

If there is something you really want or need to learn about, tell us.  Perhaps others are also interested, so we will try to find those who can present programs on a variety of subjects.

A unique area of programming is “dabbler groups” for those who don’t view themselves as having talents in the areas of photography, visual arts, music, dance, cooking, etc., but who would like to “dabble” in those aspects of creativity in a fun, low-stress environment. If someone discovers a hidden talent she wishes to pursue, we’ll be able to refer her to resources available in the community.

We actively seek opportunities to partner with other organizations in community activities and offer our volunteer services to assist other groups with projects when possible.

Let’s get to know one another, make a difference in our community, and have fun while we’re at it!