The Closet Plus: Career Planning, Navigating Your Career Paths through Growth, Potential and Success (GPS)

Services offered through The Closet Plus:The objective of the Closet Plus is to provide career guidance and coaching through career development and planning for women with emphasis on creating marketable resumes and cover letters, solid interviewing skills and making a good first impression. Whatever your career needs, the Closet Plus is here to provide you with support and the tools needed to navigate your career path. Serving women job seekers entering or re-entering the workforce or simply looking for a career change, the Closet Plus will be your one stop shop for all of your career development

Job Search

  • Before choosing a method you must decide what you are good at and keep in mind that a job search can be like a full-time job in itself. The method used is critical to whether or not you will find those job vacancies. There are various methods. ( Internet, career fairs, networking, visiting the company)

How to properly fill out a job application

  • Incorrectly or incompletely filling out a job application may cost you a job opportunity. Do not make the mistake of excluding essential information or job history specifics. The application process is fairly simple, just remember to be thorough.
  • The job application is usually the first thing an employer views when making hiring decisions. Therefore it is very important that you complete the entire application.

Building marketable resumes and cover letters

  • One resume does not fit every job description. You will need to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. This is where you show your skills as they relate to the position you are seeking by listing your experience, education and community work.
  • Often employers will ask for a cover letter during the process of applying for a job. The cover letter introduces you, calls attention to your resume, the position you are seeking and highlights select aspects of your background as they relate to the job you are seeking. It makes the potential employer look further at you as a candidate.

Interviewing Skills

  • The purpose of an interview is to help the organization and job seekers find the best match for their needs. We will help you prepare for interview questions the employers will ask, how to prepare questions of your own and make an overall good first and lasting impression.

Future of the Closet Plus:

On our website will be a frequent blog focusing on various topics, from the major points of career planning and guidance to goal setting, education, community resources and more as we evaluate the progress and feedback of the needs of the women we serve. The site will be updated as needed.

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