Response has been phenomenal for donations to The Closet, a service project of The Woman’s Discovery Center. Women who cannot afford appropriate clothing to begin work or interview for a job in a professional or office environment may be referred by any agency, employment group, church, or an employer, or by presenting her prepared resume. A volunteer will then assist the woman in shopping, at no charge, at The Closet.

Donations are accepted year-round at The Closet, which is conveniently located in the same building as The Center at 1413 Market Place Drive, Jonesboro, AR.  Call The Center at 870-933-9939 when you have donations ready; a volunteer will meet you at The Closet.

Three types of donations are requested: 1. New professional clothing, on hangers. 2. VERY GENTLY WORN professional clothing, clean, repaired, pressed, on hangers. 3. Cash donations to be used for shopping for those women who cannot find sizes or items they need at The Closet.

Items in addition to clothing needed for The Closet are:

1)Clip-type hangers for skirts/slacks are always needed. When you shop, please ask to keep the hangers and donate them if you don’t use them in your own closet. Check your closet now to see if you have extras you can donate.

2)SHAPERS – Our personal shoppers tell us that having shapers available for women who visit The Closet would be the final step in assisting them to look their very best when they go on interviews and begin work.  Shapers are undergarment that smooths a woman’s mid-section and helps to provide a more professional appearance. When you shop for your own shapers, or when you see them on sale, please pick up an extra and donate it.  Another idea is to gather friends and have a Shaper Shower to help stock The Closet.

3)Cash donations for an account for volunteers to use to take a woman shopping for items that she cannot find at The Closet are always welcome. Although much of the time there are ample options, occasionally a particular size becomes depleted.  This is when the cash account comes in handy so that no woman is ever turned away.

Items needed most include business suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, slacks, or dresses.

For more information or to volunteer to assist with the project, call Kristen Hubble, The Closet Coordinator, at 870-933-9939. Volunteers will sort clothes, keep the facility tidy, assist shoppers with appropriate choices, steam wrinkled items, or deliver cards to local businesses to assist them with making referrals.